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1. Geocoder

multifunctional service for finding data on a map, which can manage the relevance of the issue and select many options

Direct geocoding
  • search by phrase / part of a phrase. Result: coordinates of the house address, POI and other necessary information
  • the ability to quickly display results for a set of each of the letters (quick search option with assumptions about what is being searched for)
  • the ability to search when typing in the Latin alphabet (Russian names)

Reverse geocoding
  • the ability to search for an address,
    POI by coordinates

2. MapMatching

technology for determining the correspondence of GPS data of an object moving on real roads, and its real position, speed and direction at any time on the network of these roads

A high-quality track binding algorithm takes into account:
  • track points in aggregate
  • detailed structure of the road graph in this place (type and class of roads and their other various properties), focusing on the most likely connected route
Applies to:
  • Display of the passed routes on the map
  • Calculation of the parameters of the traversed route
  • Obtaining information on violations of speed limits